Who We Are

Our goal is to promote the understanding and application of Behavioral Safety

The Behavioral Safety Now Conference is an established conference in its 24th year that includes an educational program for all levels of management, safety professionals and employee teams who have an interest in learning about the behavioral safety approach. Quality Safety Edge hosts the BSN conference and works with a conference program committee that consists of individuals representing other leading organizations in the field of behavioral safety. All proceeds benefit the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, a Massachusetts non-profit organization.

Since 1994, Behavioral Safety Now has provided a forum for discussing issues in behavior-based safety (BBS) relevant to the diverse stakeholders involved in behavioral safety. It’s a meeting where BBS experts can illustrate and extend ‘best practices’ in behavioral safety, where vendors and consultants can promote BBS products and services, where practitioners can share success stories and questions, and where novices can learn the fundamentals of the behavioral approach to safety. The conference now includes other applications of behavioral techniques, including areas of performance such as quality, customer service and productivity.


The main sponsor of the conference is The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, a non-profit organization with a mission to advance the study of behavior and its application to practical problems. The Cambridge Center provides accreditation of behavior-based safety programs in the workplace, using well defined standards of evidence-based practice. They have Accredited or Re-accredited 25 Behavioral-Based Safety Implementation sites since 2003.

Other current and past sponsors include Quality Safety Edge, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, Indaco, Aubrey Daniels International, Safety Performance Solutions, Behavioral Science Technology (BST), Predictive Solutions, Safety-Doc.com, and industry sponsors such as BP, FMC, Halliburton and others. All have joined forces to ensure that Behavioral Safety Now remains the premiere gathering for reporting on workplace applications and experiences, basic and applied research, and state-of-the-art technology for applying a behavioral analysis to workplace safety and performance management.


BSN typically has approximately 400 participants. Participants include safety committee members (employees, supervisors, and managers) from participating companies, Environmental Health and Safety Executives, Consultants, and Academics. Usually 60-70 percent of BSN participants are from private industry, with the balance from universities, insurance companies, and consultants.